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Security is the top priority for Upin. Upin helps you to know more about the people you will spend time with, protects your privacy and makes meeting new people in complete safety. 

Upin is the first real-life social media that focuses on creating more real-life interaction and allowing users to find and join other people that are gathering to do something together. For the first time, a social media is really focused not to spend more time on your device, but use your device as a bridge to enjoy the real life. 

Our team is ambitious, motivated, creative and skilled. And every week we receive requests from other professionals and dreamers to be part of it. The consequence is that we have a very great competitive edge over the market with unique features and qualities that make us stand out. 


Help us reach our funding goal by 2019!!!



How does Upin work to safely accomplish creating more real-life interaction and improving peoples social life? - Upin keeps your location safe and secure, making sure no one can track you without your knowledge.- Upin only displays content of people getting together right now or soon. There is no online social interaction in order to directly encourage real-life interaction. - Upin offers real-time information about the people going to the same event as you. It enables you to be aware of the type of people that are at the events you go to and keep track of whom you meet! 


Why is this the best way?- So far many social apps can attract predators tracking users down because of the lack to keep their location safe. Event organizers, location sharing apps, and even some social media apps such as snapchat, allows to easily share and see the location of its users. Many incidents of child sex offenders, burglars, and even murderers have used this to their advantage. Upin is sure and committed to making getting together with friends and meeting new people safe again!- Just as social media offers instant gratification which is what makes it addictive to use; Upin only displays things people getting together in real time near you, so when you feel like going on social media to see what is happening, you can use Upin to actually be a part of it.- The problem of going to new events is that it's hard to keep track of whom you are connecting with, and really knowing who you meet. It's always safer to know the type of people that you're hanging around with. 


Upin Key Features

- Bird's eye view of activities going on near you happening now
- Accurate real-time information about event details such as how many people are currently at the event
- Location is not seen of the event until accepted to the event
- Create an event within a minute and know who want's to come before they know where it is (Easy to RSVP)
- Know who is bringing who to your event
- Easily let your guests know that you're ending the event 
- Stay connected with the people you meet
- Easily invite many people at once to join your event

Our mission is to improve peoples real social lives and create more real-life interaction by being able to create & join gatherings of people anywhere at any time. Upin can improve people's social lives by making them more organized, convenient and, most importantly, safer.  

Founder's Story

Upin is our life mission. We work overtime dedicated to improving the quality of millennials’ social lives. We have shared some of our inspiration for making this mobile application. Just by reading our story and believing in our vision, you are contributing towards a future with improved social convenience, connectedness, and safety. Everyone is welcome to join our movement and anyone has the capability to help as small or as large.

Our names are Keith and Sina. Keith has always had a passion for innovation. Since a young age, Keith took the challenge to create 8 startups. Each one required the most dedication and perseverance. Some of them have been more successful than others, but, from all of them, he earned great lessons. Those long periods of trial and mistakes turned out to be Keith’s greatest asset and education at its finest and brought to the creation of Upin.

From Keith: 
I discovered the idea for Upin on a spring afternoon when spending time with friends at a popular scenic location. I noticed how people were more concerned with their social media instead of being in the moment. So many teens and young adults are addicted to their social media that they are barely aware of their surroundings or the people they are with. This is what leads to the struggle of meeting new people and making new connections. I thought to myself: “What if there was an easier way to connect with people and be more in the moment and involve each other?” This is when I started an idea to bring people together and have more social experiences. An idea that has been my life-mission for me that I have been working hard at every day to improves people's lives. We have spent endless hours, days, weeks, months and thousands of family funds invested to make Upin. 

From Sina: 
My whole world revolved around my commitment to studying for medical school. For 7 years, I had sacrificed any sort of social or pleasurable activity to study 7 days a week. I set aside those years of toil to join Upin. It was one of the most painful decisions I had ever made, but I know will be the most rewarding. 
Keith the visionary, and Sina with his intense work ethic continue to dedicate our full-time, 7 days a week to Upin. 

We have had multiple people join our team helping out for free just to be a part of this innovative social movement.  And 11 months into the project, we have expanded to a team of 10, each full of passion and uniquely contributing. 

Good News
We have a clear vision, a focused goal, and have been moving forward fast and strong. 

Bad News
The only challenge is that we're hitting some bumps and the project is getting more expensive than expected.  

We need your help so we can continue achieving our goal of creating more real-life interaction and improving peoples social lives! With your help, we can re-direct the new generations focus toward building more connections. Even your $5-$10 will impact the success of this social movement. 


How will we achieve our goal with your money?The funding will be toward product development to finish our Minimal Viable Product & customer development and acquisition expenses. Our goal is to use the funds to complete our MVP which we strongly believe will be enough to attract many users. Some of the funds will also be used to then get the company to a level of sustainable growth. We believe that our goal of $137,000 will be enough to get the company off the ground with the help of our team and very thought through plan for executing our goals.  

To Express Our Gratitude, You are Automatically Enrolled in a Giveaway! 

If you donate this amount, you are enrolled in a chance win:
$10-$24 donated, a 3d printed special edition real life Upin Pin and Upin t-shirt. 
$25-$49 donated, 2 general admission tickets to their favorite concert or event up to $250 value

$50+ donated, a 5-day Bahamas cruise boat trip for 2. 
$333+donated, a 5-day Bahamas cruise boat trip for 2 a personal handwritten "Thank You" letter signed by the entire team. Extra attention by our team if you have any ideas you want to share.

To win, please share this gofundme campaign! :) The larger the donations, the higher chance you have of winning. We will pick a random winner once we've reached our first $30k! We will choose a new goal for the next giveaways after we pick the winners for this one. 

Spread the word and you are helping us build a new future. Join the movement & become a beta tester 





Your Feedback is Greatly Appreciated

Upin is made by people just like you. Please let us know how we can make this better.  Let us know how we can help you! What additional information would you need to motivate you to donate? 

Please email us at 







By The AIO Movement

"On a mission to bring people together physically and spiritually"

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