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The Upin Founder Story

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

My name is Keith. I have been an Entrepreneur all my life. But I started the real journey when I was 17. When I was 17 I was sitting in psychology class in the beginning of my last year of high school. Being that it was my last year, I started to think of what I am going to do after I graduate high school. When I started thinking, one thought led to the next and I asked myself, “What is school?” “Why am I here?” Before I even answered my first question, my thoughts started racing and questions started to fill my mind. I started thinking about, who am I? Why do I exist? And to what is this universe and why does it even exist? I began to think through everything and take notes down on my phone. From all the thoughts and solving every question I had in my mind, I began to instinctively solve problems in everything I did and saw. It was a habit I developed. I started to get tons of great ideas. Every time I saw a problem, I immediately thought of a solution. I became obsessed with solving problems. One idea was a software application. And so I immediately began to think about how the app works, write it out, and draw out how the app will look. I developed a business plan and documented every idea and plan I had for the app. By the end of the high school year, I had over 2000 notes on my phone and started writing a book out of it. I also had developed a full business plan of my app and figured out how it works and was on my search to find engineers and partners. I decided I was going to put all my time into building my passion instead of going to college. During the time on my journey, I have learned trial and error through attempting to execute 8 revolutionary ideas. I got certified in life coaching and created a new form of spiritual life coaching. My notes for my book got over 300 pages long and I made a compressed version of my book and will soon publicize it. I also discovered my true-life mission to bring people together physically and spiritually.

I was with some friends in a hidden location off the trails in nature that we often visit. Usually not many people are there. But after a while I noticed that many groups of friends were coming into visit as well. I started to think “how do they know about this place?” I then started noticing how they would go on their phones and capture their generic moments on social media. I thought to myself “What if there is a way to better connect people in real life using an app? And so I got home and began my next project “Upin” A mobile software application that put’s your real social life in one place. Upin offers the best experience for hosting and joining activities and connecting with like-minded people by making it more convenient, organized, and safe. I did the same thing I did with all my other ideas but this time with more knowledge from all I have learned. I prepared a presentation and pitched it to my family. A week later I called my engineer who I have previously worked with on my first idea, and told him I have an app I want to build. A team of engineers I am connected with devoted much of their time as well as my family and I investing $100,000 into this app to make it happen! Throughout the year I met my co-founder named Sina and made amazing progress getting traction by potential team members and 300+ sign ups waiting to use the app. We are now in our next round of seed funding and looking for investment and any opportunities. If you have interest in Upin, quesitons, or feedback, please feel free to reach out at Let’s make this happen together! Be one of the first to contribute to a revolutionary movement!


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